What makes Metro Schools Academics Program unique?

Our 3 Main Characteristics are as follows.

Students take classes at their proficiency level
We offer an extended school day with more instructional time
We offer extra instruction in English and Math and they are taught all subjects using a school-wide systematic approach to learning.


Students are given a placement test in English and Math when they arrive at Metro School. There is no pass or fail to these tests; we use them to place students in their classes accurately. This ensures that students are able to learn in collaboration with peers who are at similar stages in their academic development.

We offer an extended school day giving our students more instructional time per day than most schools in the area. Each course is worth 0.5 credit per semester and students need 26.5 credits to graduate. This includes 4 credits of English, 3 credits each in Math and Science, 3.5 credits in Social Studies, 11.5 Elective credits, 1 credit in Art, and 0.5 credit of Physical Education. Our course offerings are aligned with the state academic and graduation standards.

Metro Schools is also committed to helping our students pursue secondary education and/or success in today’s workforce. We facilitate academic decision-making, curriculum information, interpretation of policies and procedures, and assessment of student interests and needs. We also help with financial aid applications and scholarships using the latest resources to aid in career exploration. Resources include online services, software programs, workshops, guest speakers, and college visits.