School Supply List

5-8 Supply List

5 Composition Notebooks
1 12″ Inch Ruler with Both Inches and Centimeters
1 Box of #2 Pencils or Mechanical Pencils
1 Box of Black or Blue Pens
1 Calculator
5 Folders with Pockets
1 Handheld Pencil Sharpener
1 Pack of Dry Erase Markers
1 Package of Loose Leaf Paper
1 Package of White Ruled Index Cards
1 Scissors
1 Set of Colored Pencils
1 Set of Red Pens
2 Three Ring Binder
2 Yellow Highlighters

9-12 Supply List

1 Box of Pencils
1 Box of Pens (Blue or Black)
1 Box of Red Pens
5 Composition Notebooks
5 Folders with Pockets
1 Package of Graph Paper
1 Package of Loose Leaf Paper
1 Pocket Dictionary
1 Post-It Notes
1 Ruler with Centimeters and Inches Displayed
1 Scientific Calculator
1 Scotch Tape
1 Stapler, Box of Staples, and Stapler Remover
3 Three Ring Binder with Subject Dividers
*Please note: This list does not include all supplies that your student may be asked to purchase for school. Additional supplies may be required by individual teachers that are specific to each course. Individual teachers will indicate additional supplies needed.