It’s Earth Day!

Earth Day took place on Friday, May 1st at Metro Schools. All students participated in a large community clean-up event and created recycled sculptures! Check out the images from the event!

Middle School Honor Roll Q2

Honor Roll GPA (3.5 – 4.0)

Middle School Students

Middle Row: Daha Salad, Faduma Samatar, Anisa Ali

Back Row: Mr. Elmi, Cabdullahi Isse, Fowsiya Hussen, Fadumo Mohamood, Farhiyo Abdullahi, Marian Hashi, Najah Jama

Absent: Samsam Ahmed, Sabrin Khalif


B Honor Roll GPA (3.0 – 3.4)

Metro Middle School Students Honor Roll


Front Row: Asma Kalif, Nima Moudi, Hibo Abdullahi, Samsam Ahmed, Maslah Musse, Abdifatah Aden, Ayub Farah
Back Row: Asho Mohamed, Mr. Elmi, Bilan Jama, Mulki Yusuf, Hanan Bare, Mohamed Gutale, Ms. Colon
Absent: Ugbad Abdi, Abdullahi Khalif